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Date night with my suite mates! I love living with these wonderful ladies! #pbafreshfishlife #jwey #matching
“When you can’t put words to your feelings or tears, take comfort that the Holy Spirit of God fully understands…”
Feet in the sand + book in my hands = my new favorite way to do homework. #pbafreshfishlife #nofilter
Who remembers reading Jonathan  Edward’s famous sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God?” This week’s #wisdomwednesday quote is from him! #christianthinkers #pba #enlighteningminds

People of PBA - Kelsey Taber


When Kelsey Taber came to PBA four years ago, she planned to start applying to medical school her senior year. Now as a senior, she’s doing so much more! A biology major with a concentration in pre-health, Kelsey is the Assistant Resident Director of Johnson Residence Hall and founder of the campus women’s conference “How to Get the Final Rose.” 

Through her time at PBA, Kelsey has learned to listen to God’s leadership and the guidance of others. It was not in her plan to become an RA her sophomore year, nor to become an ARD her junior and senior years of college. But because she listened to God, He gave her direction and she grew as a leader and has come to impact many young women’s lives. Listening to the advice and accountability of others has  equipped her to lead in existing positions, and also to boldly create her own opportunities for leadership.

Kelsey’s advice is to “LISTEN” - to God and to others. Don’t become so focused on the FUTURE that you miss opportunities to grow NOW. 

"This psalm comes from the opening lines of a song celebrating the marriage of a King. Every time that I’ve read these words, however, it draws me to something a bit different. It reminds me of being filled to the measure of the Spirit of God- so much so that your heart can’t help but to overflow with “good themes” for the King. So complete in His presence that your heart and mind stand poised to proclaim these praises, as you wait for this “ready writer” to reveal more the story which is the source of your joy. 
It’s hard to find words, to describe it. But, just take a moment and think back to a time when your heart just overflowed with the goodness of our King. Maybe that was a long time ago? Maybe you’ve never experienced it? Maybe now is the time to try? There’s a first time for everything.” -Lauren
Connections Week was this past week!! Connections week is a great way to get plugged into campus clubs, Workship sites, internships and jobs, and churches in the area. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to meet new people and play giant Jenga! #getconnected #giantjenga #picstitch
This week’s quote is from one of the world’s favorite theologians- C.S. Lewis! #pba #elighteningminds #wisdomwednesday #latergram
Today PBA students are reminded by hundreds of flags on the Rinker Greene to remember and pray for the families who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001. How will you remember and pray? #remember #911 #pray
College care packages from home are the BEST! I mean, does life get better than home-made pumpkin bread, glow sticks, and bubbles? #pbafreshfishlife #collegelife #carepackages #funstuff
This week’s blog: “Aren’t we blessed?”

“Do anything, but let it produce joy.

Here’s to a late night that may turn into my first college all-nighter. #pbafreshfishlife #collegelife #allidoisread #honors
This week’s devo written by our very own Jodi. :)
Welcome Week 2014 was a blast!! A weekend of new friendships, fun activities, and fantastic worship was the perfect way to begin life as a college student! #pbafreshfishlife #PBAww2014 #collegelife