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A Midterm Week “pick-me-up!”
Today in Rhetorical Eloquence, we played with Play-Doh while discussing Plato. I made Socrates sitting under a tree. - Jodi #college #honors #pbafreshfishlife #PlayDoh #Plato
First night of the first #pbaopenhouse of 2014-2015!! If you’re here, we’re so excited to have you!! And if you’re not, you can fix that. We have another open house coming up in November :) #BeThereorBeSquare #pba #youwishyouwereafish
In the Honors Program, we not only discuss literature that shapes thought, but we also learn valuable life lessons…. Such as the importance of knowing how to tie a bow tie. #NotaClipOn #realmenwearbowties  #pbafreshfishlife #honors #style
There is only one day left for the Tenth Avenue North ticket give away! For more information, check out the Palm Beach Atlantic Admissions Facebook page. Enter while you still can… Cause let’s be real, who doesn’t love free stuff?? #freetickets #tenthavenuenorth #giveaway #pba
You’re DELIGHTFUL. Here’s a huge reason to smile today! :)
Culture shock and difficult transitions sometimes make life uncomfortable; however, they are often the most transformative experiences of our lives. As it is for many incoming freshman, college life was a bit of a culture shock for Joe Helton. Never before had he studied at a private Christian school, let alone college. As a sophomore looking back on his freshman year at PBA, Joe shared how many different experiences impacted his personal growth.

One of those experiences came while he was a co-leader for PBA’s Spring Break mission trip to Honduras last year. During the preparation and the mission trip itself, Joe said he learned what it meant to be a leader. Directing an 18 member team taught him to be relational with each person. The opportunity taught him to look past himself and his own interests, and, as Paul says in Philippians 2:4, to look “also at the interests of others.”

Through his time both at PBA and in Honduras, Joe had “his weaknesses exposed,” which allowed him to “learn what his strengths were and have them strengthened.” After changing his major multiple times, he is currently a Cross-Cultural Studies major and is examining the potential of doing long term missions in the future.

Joe would like to encourage incoming freshman to “Get Involved.” Look for any and every opportunity to allow God to use you - because He will.
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Missions Emphasis week here at #pbau is officially kicked off with the International Drink House! To raise awareness about missions, students are offered sodas, teas, and coffees from the different countries that PBA will be sending mission trips to this year. My favorite was the Iced Chai from Thailand. Do you have a favorite international drink? #missions #chai #travel
PBA is praying for those who have been affected by the various tragedies, which happened this week in the U.S. and throughout the world. 
So. A goal of mine while here at #pbau is to make the perfect ice-cream cone from the soft-serve machine in the caf. From the looks of it, I may have a few more ice-cream cones in my future. - Jodi #practicemakesperfect #itsmelting #pbafreshfishlife #yum #chocolate


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So proud of our Alumni band! 

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I have discovered my happy place. #thisishowistudy #pbafreshfishlife #hammocks #happyplace
life hack, anyone?